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Michael H. Smith

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TestimonialsBelsize NW3 Chiropractic

Here are some thoughts from patients who have visited NW3 Chiropractic.
Damian Flood, Musician.

This man is quite simply the best ! I have years of discomfort after being a passenger in a road accident over 10 years ago . I have had numerous treatments with numerous specialists on Harley street and other London based clinics .

When my neck is particularly bad ( stress headaches , loss of full mobility , tiredness and sickness ) I have visited Michael and he has simply put me back on the road again. With his specific treatment, I am transported back to feeling free to move and the results are simply life-changing . I am a professional pianist and if I didn’t have Michael to help me I at times be unable to work . I have been to every specialist and spent thousands over the years and I have to honestly say he is the only one that has been able to sort me out . I highly recommend you to try his treatment . He simply is a genius.
Damien Flood

Michael Beckley, Actor.
My foot had been numb for the last few weeks of The West End season of ‘Cabaret’. Having worked with Michael Smith BSc, MChiro, in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ through Australasia, I knew to contact him immediately at NW3 Chiropractic.
Suffice to say the foot is now better and I can actually FEEL the boards on which I tread! Also as a bonus, my headaches and neck pain have disappeared following adjustments. I therefore can highly recommend Mr Smith at NW3 Chiropractic as the first point of call for whole body health.
Now that I’m fit to tread the boards again, I’ll be off on the world tour of ‘Mama Mia’ The Musical.
All the best,
Michael Beckley
Phoenix Moxon
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 16:20
As a former personal trainer and someone who has played sports and picked up injuries over the years. I would like to recommend Michael Smith as someone who is knowledgeable, caring and passionate about helping others to be pain free, have greater mobility and well-being.
Last year I had keyhole surgery for an on-going shoulder injury, that, had pain radiating down my arm. This still did not resolve the problem. Michael Smith has been a blessing as he has helped me to correctly identify what the problem is and employ the correct method’s to release the pain.
With continued treatment I aim to eventually get back to doing regular exercise. Previously, even carrying shopping bags would cause pain and inflammation and it is such a relief not to be in-pain all the time.
Without hesitation I recommend Mike as someone who will approach your health & well-being in a professional, experienced and thoughtful manner.
Phoenix Moxon

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